Value-added Office Services

Every service required by business and professional companies is provided in our office suites.

  • Individually metered electricity allows tenants to use as much or as little as required.
  • No load-shedding problems - our 150kVA stand-by generator automatically takes over within twenty seconds of an Eskom failure.
  • Internet cabling is provided to suit tenant requirements.
  • Metered, high-speed internet is provided and tenants may use as much bandwidth as required.
  • A back-up internet link is provided in case the primary link should fail.
  • Automatic daily secure data backup facilities are available, if required.
  • High-quality VOIP services with feature phones are standard, with customization of services as desired.
  • Twenty-four hour call centre services are available if needed.
  • Fully equipped conference rooms with complimentary tea and coffee are available at no charge.
  • Ample, secure off-street reserved shade-net and open parking.
  • Daily office cleaning is provided; cups are washed and and rubbish is removed.
      Floors are mopped and desks are wiped-down weekly.
  • We have our own on-site maintenance team.
  • Dedicated, full-time security personnel with armed response backup.

On-site, owner operated - we care for our tenants!