Office Suite Rentals

CB Centre, 75 Durham Road, Clubview, Centurion.

Office suites immediately available.

CB Centre office suites are fully wired for internet and VOIP telephones. Tenants may use as much internet bandwidth as required. We provide very fast internet services using a dedicated 20Mbps download and a 10Mbps upload link. Nominate just how many Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephones you require - we will supply and install them for you, and give you an "012..." or an "087..." number; if you have an existing telephone number that you wish to keep, we will port it into our system for you thus allowing you to benefit from better, more reliable telephone services at a lower cost!

Two conference rooms with complimentary tea and coffee are available at no charge.

There is ample on-site reserved covered and open parking available.

Office suites are cleaned daily - waste paper baskets are emptied and cups are washed. Once a week a thorough cleaning is done.

Three dedicated security guards, one in the daytime and two at night, are on the premises and are backed-up by an armed reaction service.