Service Providers

Cellphone Systems

Cellphone Systems supply and support messaging, control and inter-communication equipment working on Global System for Mobile (GSM) cellphone networks to customers and installers nationwide. Established in 1984, they have customers all over Southern Africa.

Directlogic Automation

Directlogic Automation has since 1994 supplied and supported Directlogic PLC's, imported from the USA, in Southern Africa. With over forty years experience in the industrial instrumentation field, they can advise and then supply, within mere days of an order being placed and deliver nationwide, any Directlogic electrical, control or field instrumentation.

Pro-Call Messaging Solutions

Pro-Call has since 1984 designed, manufactured and installed on-site messaging systems, and helped hundreds of hotels, restaurants, factories, hospitals, educational institutions and property owners as well as ships at sea, solve their communications headaches. Their customers are spread throughout Southern Africa, West and East Africa, and the Indian Ocean Islands.